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Backup Email Server Service

Backup Email Server Service - Email Failover Detection, with Spam & Virus Filtering

Are bounced messages due to temporary network outages or server maintenance downtime causing you to lose emails? Is your current ISP backup email server service a source of Spam that bypasses your Spam filtering rules and just fills your inboxes? Combine our best of class DNS Hosting with our BackUp EMail Server Service and you will worry no longer!

backup email server service - $80 per yearOur Backup Email Server Service allows you to run your email server as you normally do. Our server polls your server at set intervals checking that your email server is functioning properly. If your server fails to respond, our backup servers swing into action!

By simply adding our backup email server into DNS for your domain, email that can’t reach your primary server will then get routed to us. Our server accepts email for your domain and then tries to deliver that email to your server for up to 7 days. At no time during the 7 day period will any Delivery Status Notifications (DSNs) message be sent back to the sender. The sender will have no idea that their message did not make it to you. If, after 7 days in queue, the message still cannot be delivered, it will be bounced back to the sender.

In order to block a well known Spammers trick, our email servers only accept email for your domain when we have detected that your primary mail exchanger is down. This is done by rejecting any inbound email to us with a “temporarily failure” message. Properly configured sending email servers treat temporary failures as a sign to “call back again later” and the email sender is not notified about this temporary failure.

Note: This service only provides rudimentary Spam filtering. If you are looking for a Complete Spam and Virus filtering solution with backup mail capabilities and full reporting, check out our Email Defense service.

Product description details:

  • Email maximum message size limited: 10MB each.
  • Monthly maximum storage per domain will be 250MB
  • Monthly maximum transfer per domain will be 500MB (total in + out)
  • Anti-Spam Features:
    • Realtime Blocking using Realtime Block Lists
    • Proprietary heuristic rule blocking
    • Email is only accepted by us when your server is down, defeating “back door spammers” who attempt to jam spam through backup email servers
  • Anti Virus Features:
    • All email that passes through our servers is virus scanned. Any sent message found to contain a virus is denied.
  • Cost: $80/year for the first (master) domain.
    • $20 each additional domain to a maximum of 10 total domains. Email for additional domains will be sent to the master domains mail server.

Although not a requirement, we strongly suggest that we also be your DNS hosting provider for the domain in order for this service to work effectively, as a failure in DNS for your domain would also result in a failure for the backup mail server service to work!

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