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Email Filter Service FAQs

Does the Email Filter Network decrease the security of our email?

No. On average, a single email experiences 7–10 “hops” (the number of routers through which it is sent) as it travels from sender to recipient. The Email Filter Network becomes the final “hop” in the journey. But even by adding this extra “hop,” you are introducing no additional insecurity to the process of sending or receiving email. In fact, while the Email Filter Network acts like any other router in the transmission process, it actually adds a layer of security to your email by shielding your MX record from the Internet, where it may otherwise be accessible by spammers and hackers.

What is an MX record?

A Mail Exchange record, or MX record, is an entry in a domain-name database that identifies the mail server responsible for handling email for that domain. In other words, your MX record is like your primary postal address, to which all of your mail is sent. When you use the Email Filter Network, you change your MX record to make the address of Email Filter Network your primary address so all email from the outside is sent to Email Filter Network first. This conceals your Internet-facing mail servers and gateways and protects you from attack. The Email Filter Network then filters your email as it is redirected to your true address.

Do we lose control of our MX record when we point it to the Email Filter Network?

No. The MX record remains in your control. At anytime your MX record may be configured to point back to your messaging infrastructure. You may also lower your MX record’s time-to-live (TTL) to increase propagation times.

Will our email be stored on the Email Filter Network servers?

Our filtering service includes a free backup email server service. If your mail server is down, the EMail Filter Network will store your email for up to 7 days and retry delivery to your mail server at set intervals.

Does the Email Filter Network filtering work when I send mail or only when I receive it?

Email Filter Network only works on inbound messages to your domain.


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