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Email Virus Scanning Service

Email Virus Scanning Service

The Email Virus Scanning Service is for businesses that run their own email servers and want to add a second layer of virus scanning & filtering to incoming email. The Email Virus Scanning Service is an email gateway that front ends your email servers, accepting all inbound email for your domain, scanning it for potentially dangerous payloads and then forwarding clean email on to your email server.

The Email Virus Scanning Service is perfect for companies that need a rapidly deployable, low cost, anti-virus solution. Our service works with any SMTP compliant email server, requires no special software to be installed on your site and very little technical knowledge to implement. A simple change to your domain’s DNS settings is all that is required to begin using our service.

Note: This service is a Virus filter not a Spam filter. If you are looking for a Complete Spam and Virus filtering solution, with backup mail capabilities and full reporting, check out our Email Defense service.

Email Virus Scanning Gateway Service product description details:

  • Easy Setup. No special software or knowledge needed to use our service
  • Service is activated through a simple change to your domain’s MX record in DNS
  • Rapid deployment - service can be up and running usually within 1 business day
  • Unlimited user mailboxes. Our service is domain based, not mailbox based
  • Monthly maximum transfer per domain: 1GB
  • Maximum message size limited per email: 10MB each
  • Anti Virus Features:
    • All email for your domain that is accepted by our Email Virus Scanning Service is virus scanned. Any message found to contain a virus is denied.
  • Anti-Spam Features:
    • Realtime Blocking using Realtime Block Lists
    • Proprietary heuristic rule blocking
  • Bonus Backup Email Service included:
    • The Email Virus Scanning Service will queue any email that cannot be immediately delivered to your email server for up to 7 days. This gives you the additional benefit of our Backup Email Server Service included at no extra cost!
  • Cost: $29.95/month per domain - $20 Setup fee

As DNS is a critical component to the proper functioning of email routing for a domain, we suggest that you use our DNS hosting service. Our DNS Hosting Service will provide the DNS resiliency needed to run our service effectively. Our DNS Manager is a self serve DNS Hosting solution you control and this service will provide your domain with the sufficient redundancy to operate a distributed email infrastructure.

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