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Domain Name Registration

various top level domains

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Self Serve DNS Hosting*

Self Serve DNS Manager Access
when your domain is registered with us.

$7.95/Year per domain

Self Serve DNS Hosting*

Self Serve DNS Manager Access

$20/Year per domain

Managed DNS Hosting*

We handle your DNS management

$40/Year per domain

E-mail and URL Forwarding*

See Note 1


Web Hosting

Web/FTP/e-mail Hosting

starting at $17.95

Backup E-Mail Server Service

Our mail server backups yours.
250MB/mo storage 500MB/mo transfer


Note 1: If you already have web space and an e-mail address provided by an ISP, this is the service for you. It provides Masked url forwarding to your web space and e-mail forwarding to your ISP's e-mail account. Price includes 1 e-mail “catch-all” address, forwarded to one destination e-mail address

*All accounts are capped at 2GB transfer per month total. Any bandwidth usage above this amount may be subject to an additional charge. We must be your DNS service provider for your domain in order for the above features to work correctly. It would be nice if we where also your domain name registrar too!

Masked url: A hidden frame that shows your web pages located on your ISP's web space, but masks the url so it looks like its your own site! ex: you have space at: we'll make the url look like:!!

Payments: We accept Visa or Mastercard and payment can be made on our secure web server, or by phone. In order to keep processing costs down, we bill for all services annually. For monthly payments, divide by 12 and multiply each month by 1.25.

Refunds: No refunds will be issued for completed domain name registrations or completed domain name transfers. Refunds on failed transfers is covered here. Refunds for other products will be given on a discretionary basis and only within 10 days of initial purchase. A service fee may be charged on certain refunds to cover administrative costs.

Double Credit Card Charges: If for any reason you are double charged for any one product or service order, please contact us immediately. We will reverse any double charges and refund up to the amount of the double charge.

If you have any questions or comments on any of our services, just ask!
All prices are in US Dollars and subject to change without notice
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