Our DNS Hosting service provides name resolution for your domain across our worldwide DNS hosting infrastructure. The DNS Manager is the front end to our servers that will provide your business with fast, robust, secure and reliable DNS hosting for all of your domains.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use web based user interface
  • Support Round Robin DNS
  • Create SPF and other TXT records
  • Supports NS record delegation
  • Create reverse DNS zones and records
  • 5 Globally distributed servers, on 3 continents (North America, Europe, Asia)
  • Generous query limits (2.5 million/month) with very cost effective packages for larger volume users – contact us for a quote!
  • Unique record “expire on” & “activate on” time feature lets you time DNS changes for zero downtime
  • 24/7 email support and telephone support during regular business hours
  • DNS Network globally monitored by independent alerting service, 24/7

Our Standard DNS hosting package costs only $7.95/year using our self serve DNS Manager. Have your domain up and running on our distributed DNS network in minutes.

Sign-up for Free and try our web-based interface now.